Wilderness Therapy

Making Therapy an Adventure

 Earthwalker offers many opportunities to benefit from Wilderness Therapy.  Whether you desire to enhance your relationship or focus on personal growth, there is a program for you.  Enrich your life with experiences that not only promote greater mental and emotional heath, but are also fun and adventurous.  Mark your calendar. 
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Jeff Adorador has his Master's of Science degree in Counseling and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Jeff’s experience in the health profession has included working in wilderness therapy and behavior modification programs across the nation, providing crisis intervention in hospital emergency room settings, counseling in schools, facilitating anger management support groups, and providing counseling and parent education while managing family crisis centers.  Jeff currently provides counseling and therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families in his private practice.  
Jeff has nearly twenty years of experience guiding, back-packing, instructing outdoor skills, and survival.  Jeff is also a member of Search and Rescue and conducts survival trainings for Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and the general public.


 "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience an unforgettable wilderness adventure/journey.  I was able to see the parts of me I didn't know existed through your eyes and your words." - Client
"I am starting to understand a lot more of myself than I ever did before. I can see why I have been doing the things I do and that in itself has made a huge difference in the way I feel."
- Client
"While originals are hard to find they are easy to recognize. 
I am very grateful I found you and had the opportunity to experience a walk and talk journey with you. You really taught me a lot."
- Client