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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy combines psychotherapy with movement and the inspiration of a natural environment.  Research has shown that walking not only increases our overall health and wellness, it also encourages healthy lifestyle habits.
Walk and talk therapy has all of the advantages of traditional counseling with many more positive, life-affirming elements just waiting to be discovered.  Processing of life’s challenges, worries, grief, pain, relationship issues, addictions, or illnesses, can all be done while walking and connecting with the elements of sun, fresh air, and maybe even some rain.  As long as we are prepared, we can take the next step toward health and enrichment in our lives.  Invest in yourself.  We cannot always walk this journey of life alone.
Bio:  Jeff Adorador, MS, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that provides traditional therapy as well as walk and talk therapy.  I have thousands of hours of experience counseling a wide range of people in multiple professional settings from hospital emergency rooms, managing a family crisis center, to working in school settings.
I also have a background in outdoor leadership and certified training in wilderness medicine.  I own a business instructing wilderness survival skills and guiding people on therapeutic adventures locally and around the world.
My theoretical orientation tends to be, humanistic, client-centered and solution focused.  I find value in the process of examining the past but only in the context of moving forward toward a more compelling future.  I also place a strong emphasis on cognitive (thought) patterns, emotional intelligence and clarity of communication.
I am simply here to “hold up the mirror,” for clients to view their own current state of mind and life circumstances.  Clarity promotes healing, growth and maturation.  As long as we are breathing, we are still learning and growing.
What to Expect from Therapy:

Just as it sounds, we are outdoors, walking side-by-side for your therapy session, instead of sitting inside an office.  We meet at a trail head or in a park setting.   Accommodations will be made for your level of ability and access to ideal walking/hiking locations.  Sessions are conducted “rain or shine.”  We will simply reschedule if the weather is extreme.

MY FEE:   

Sessions are two-hours minimum.  My rate is $110 an hour.  I am available for multiple hours per session if requested.  I take cash, check or credit cards.  Insurance companies can sometimes reimburse you. 

Reduced Price:

Four Pack of Walk and Talk Therapy

Invest in four sessions of Walk and Talk up-front and save $100


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Combine movement and environment into your therapeutic experience.

"Thank you Jeff, I have noticed that your insights and meditations have been helping me make great strides toward a healthier consciousness.  It keeps getting better and better now that I feel comfortable with you and you are starting to notice my personality, behavior and blocks!  I'm excited to invest in my happiness." - client

COMING Fall 2019: 

Wilderness Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals

* Walk and Talk Therapy 
*  Wilderness First Aid Certification   

* Outdoor Skills

*  Experiential Therapy 

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Dr. Amen!

Daniel Gregory Amen is an American psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist, director of the Amen Clinics, and a ten-times New York Times bestselling author.  He is revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment using both innovative technology and holistic interventions.  I was able to talk to him about Walk and Talk Therapy. He gave me permission to quote him saying, “Getting outside, absorbing vitamin D from the sun and incorporating exercise into the treatment can be much more effective than just sitting in an office for talk therapy.”