The best way to learn wilderness survival skills is by putting in the "dirt-time." 
Wilderness Survival II is expanded practice emphasizing advancement of knowledge through experiential learning and supervised individual skill-building.  
Practice the "survival order," and apply skills learned in Wilderness Survival I while learning additional skills such as: advanced shelter building, improvised stone knives, primitive fire making techniques, trapping techniques, navigation and orientation using the sun and stars, identifying and following animal tracks, harvesting and processing natural edibles, and utilizing basic herbal medicines.  Most importantly, you will develop muscle memory by living the experience and putting in the "dirt-time” in a safe and structured manner.
We will hit the trail with a minimum gear list and hike into our training locations.  The land will offer us opportunities to learn.  We will utilize what is presented to us with regards to weather, environment, flora, fauna and animal presence.  We will improvise and adapt.  No doubt, every time you embark into the wilderness in this manner, you bring home far more than you brought out into the field, even though your backpack is lighter. 
Challenge yourself and progress with your skill-set in an experiential model of learning.  Wilderness I is recommended prior to taking this class. 

$240 per person
three days, two nights
Sep 5-6, 2020

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