Relationship Quest is for couples who desire to enhance their relationship to another level of health and connection. Backpacking is not only a great way to experience the outdoors together, it also creates a sense of closeness and responsibility for each other. The experience will give you a great physical workout, while also strengthening the bond between you and your partner.
Resourcing the collaborative works from experts in the field of strength based psychology such as Dr. Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication, and Dr. Gottman’s theories on lasting relationships
(to name a few), we will be learning essential tools for communicating more clearly, fulfilling our needs and resolving conflicts.
The relaxing atmosphere of nature has a way of breaking down walls and creating an open space for communication and mental, emotional clarity. We will focus on interactive activities, including yoga, and some wilderness survival skills, that will promote growth, understanding and a compelling vision for the future of the relationship. It’s time to put your relationship first. 

We will backpack into the mountains and earn a place of solitude after some moderately difficult hiking.  Everything that we need will be on our backs.  We will travel some of the most beautiful backcountry the state has to offer and then spend two nights out together.  Gear will not be provided but a gear list will be given in order to plan properly.  Prior backpacking experience is recommended but not necessary.  Your body however, best be in good to fair shape to travel the distance.  Although the total distance is not great (within eight miles round trip) the elevation gain with full pack is a significant challenge.  The challenge is well rewarded as we will find seclusion and awe inspiring natural beauty.  Just the medicine you are looking for!

 3 days 2 nights, $350 per couple​

May 16-18, 2020

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