Going the distance...for your project

Earthwalker LLC will travel almost anywhere in the world to gather the information you need for your production to be a success.  Our background in world travel, safety assessment, survival training, and expedition planning are just the assets you need behind your project.

Production Services for the following:
*  feature films * short films * television commercials * television shows * documentary films
* corporate video * print advertising/editorial photography * event planning

Location Scouting Services Include:
*  discovering optimal locations for both aesthetic and practical needs
*  identifying optimal base camp for film crew and talent
*  estimation of natural resources for shows that involve a survival/adventure theme
*  assessing logistics around distance from base of operations to locations scheduled
*  establishing local contacts as assets for production needs
*  preparing directions and maps as needed to assess travel and parking needs
*  Providing GPS Coordinates
*  optimizing evacuation routs in case of medical emergency
*  identifying natural hazards
*  climate assessment
*  animal tracking, identification and movement patterns
*  flora and fauna identification
*  patterns of natural lighting (sun patterns) as it relates to filming landscape and environment
*  identifying potential auditory distractions as it relates to optimal production

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