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Jeff Adorador-  Founder, Lead Instructor, Guide, Therapist

Enriching Lives...Exploring the World

Jeff Adorador founded Earthwalker in 2013 as a way to stay connected to his true passion in life, that is providing helpful services to people while staying connected with the natural world.
Jeff holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Experiential Education from Prescott College, a renowned school for Adventure Education and Outdoor Programming. He is also certified as a Wilderness First Responder in first aid through NOLS, National Outdoor Leadership School; Wilderness Medical Institute.  
His survival experience and instructional history has included learning from Cody Lundin (Aboriginal Living Skills School & Discovery's Dual Survival), Tom Brown Jr. (Tracker School), David Holladay (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), and Matt Graham (Discovery's Dual Survival) . Jeff currently instructs survival courses for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue teams and the general public. 
Jeff’s experience in the health profession has included working in wilderness therapy and behavior modification programs across the nation, providing crisis intervention in hospital emergency room settings, counseling in schools, facilitating anger management support groups, and providing counseling and parent education in a crisis center environment.  Jeff currently provides counseling and therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families in his private practice.  
Jeff’s vision for Earthwalker is to continue to offer quality programs that enrich people’s lives.  As the business continues to grow, Earthwalker will reach a greater breadth of population, and cover a more expansive territory nation and worldwide.

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 Samara, Yoga Instructor, Program Assistant

Samara has been teaching yoga for over 18 years and loves sharing her passion with others. Born into a family of yogis, her father and mother taught her to live with the yogic teachings from birth. She has traveled the world learning the yogic traditions in Siddha Yoga Ashrams and has fully immersed herself in its teachings. She is certified through Yogafit as well as Instituto de Salud Integral in Sonora, Mexico. Her class welcomes all levels of yogis. Newcomers will learn the tools and fundamentals to build a lasting practice. More experienced students will continue to challenge their minds and bodies, pushing them to new levels. Maybe a human pretzel?   Come smile, learn, and open your heart. 

Earthwalker is open to collaborating with quality people, organizations and businesses that add value to the programs and services that we provide.  If you believe that you can offer value to the vision and productivity of Earthwalker, please feel free to reach out.  Let’s create programs that enrich people’s lives!

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