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Therapuetic Adventures Explained:
Take the worry out of planning your next adventure.  Have peace of mind that not only will you be experiencing the wonders of world-travel, you will also have an intinery that places importance on therapeutic enrichment as well.

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​Bali Quest

March 22-30, 2020

Let Earthwalker take the worry out of your travel plans on this therapeutic adventure.
Visit one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Experience a culture, so full of warmth, color, and generosity.  Traveling in a small group, we will spend four days in the mountains, and four days on the coast. 
We will start the trip by visiting a healing waters temple and go through a spiritual cleansing ritual that is sacred to the Balinese.  We will travel to a neighboring island to enjoy ocean water sports and our own secluded beach with warm tropical water.  Then, we will spend a few days on the coast of Bali enjoying local beaches and culture. 
The intention of the trip is to create a nice balance between relaxation time and time to be active and explore.  Many activities are optional if the pace is too much and there is plenty of free time if you would like to be more active and explore on your own.
Visit up close with monkeys. View rich cultural dance.  Go white water rafting.  Purchase elaborately crafted stone, wood or silver works of art.  Visit Holy Temples.  Eat delicious organic cuisine.  Practice daily Yoga guided by a professional.  Indulge in massage and spa treatments.  Try surfing, stand-up paddleboard, kayak or snorkeling.  Earthwalker is your host and has arranged everything you need.

Cost includes eight nights lodging with beautiful and clean accommodations (complete with pool,  health spa and massage), two event dinners, yoga classes throughout the trip, transportation and guidance to various attractions and destinations including taxi, and boat ferry.  Basically, you get there and enjoy the ride.  Invest in a Therapeutic Adventure you will never forget.  Hope you join us!     ​​

March 22 - 30  2020

Reserve your spot with  $800 deposit, full payment due by December 1st 2019

$1950 per person $3400 per couple

plus tax and paypal fee
(Airfare not included)

Deposit Non-Refundable

(Airfare can be found as low as $700 roundtrip on such sights as
     Pay Deposit 
   Pay Individual
     Pay Couple